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Exceptional Materials

We install Ontario-manufactured Wakefield Bridge and Armadura metal roof shingles.

Clear Scheduling

We schedule our work transparently and accurately, so you know exactly what to expect.

Attention to Detail

Our pride of workmanship extends to all parts of your metal roof install, including final cleanup.

Transparent Pricing

We don't employ gimmicky sales tactics. We provide fair, honest pricing you can count on.

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One Specialized Crew. Over 140 Stunning Metal Roofs In The Ottawa Area.

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Client Testimonials

Such Attention to Detail
I had a metal roof installed in my home by WeMetal. Kevin was amazing to deal with. Such attention to detail. The whole crew was friendly and it is obvious that they are very experienced. am very happy.
George S.
I will be recommending them to all my family and friends!
I spent a fair bit of time researching about which company we should go with to get our metal roof installed. WeMetal was the best choice I made! They made the installation process as smooth as possible. Their team was professional and always on time.
Briana C.
Always on Time
One of our friends recommended WeMetal to us as we were in the market for a metal roof. Kevin and his crew were really great. They were always on time and were very quick to finish our roof. Thank you, guys!
Sarah M.
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The WeMetal Story

Metal Roof Installed on Country Home in Ottawa

How it Started - Metal Roofing

After years of roofing experience, working with all types of roofing materials, WeMetal founder and owner Kevin Beaulieu realized he had found the perfect metal roofing product: Ontario-manufactured steel roof shingles.

In terms of aesthetics, durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, no other product on the market could compete with the value of steel roof shingles. 

In 2011, Kevin founded WeMetal, a metal roofing company dedicated to one mission – providing exceptional quality and value to Ottawa homeowners through the installation of steel roof shingles.

A Decade of Happy Customers

We take great pride in the value we create for our customers through our dedication to our craft. Our goal is to provide you with a consistently excellent customer experience, from your first chat with us through to our crew’s meticulous final cleanup.

Our commitment to quality and customer service is why we have such great relationships with the homeowners we work for. We’re not fininished until you’re 100% satisfied.

Where We've Worked

Questions? Give us a call to discuss!

Our Company Values

WeMetal operates on three core principles: 

1. A Commitment to Quality

With attention to detail and the right tools for the job, we will expertly install your metal roof using high quality roofing materials.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

We are committed to providing exceptional levels of customer service from beginning to end.

3. Responsibility and Integrity

WeMetal is 100% confident in the quality of work we do and the quality of the metal roof shingles we install. We firmly stand behind all of our work and all of the products we install.

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Why Metal Roofing?

WeMetal is an authorized installer for two of the top metal roofing products on the market: Wakefield Bridge and Armadura steel shingles. Both manufacturers offer up to 50 year warranties on their steel roofing products for durability and longevity you can count on.

Lighter and Stronger

Steel metal roof shingles are at least 60 percent lighter than traditional asphalt shingles, concrete and tiles, and cedar shakes. In addition to being lighter, they are longer-lasting with significantly better durability.

50 Years of Durability

With the toughness and long-lasting qualities of high-strength steel interlocking panels, you will never have to re-roof again. With up to a 50-year warranty, these new steel roof shingles may very well be the last roof you install on your home.

Attractive Colour Options

Metal roof shingles are manufactured with a stucco-embossed finish for greater strength and a distinguished look. Available in 11 attractive colours to perfectly match today’s popular residential materials, they will increase both your home’s value and appearance.

Environmentally Friendly

The Wakefield Bridge and Armadura metal shingles we install are manufactured from new and recycled steel. They are more environmental friendly than other shingles types and entirely recyclable.

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No Payments for 3 Months PLUS 0% Interest

(on approval)

With 50 years of guaranteed longevity, many homeowners choose to finance their new steel roof. With the flexibility to choose how much of the purchase price to finance, you’re in complete control. WeMetal offers new metal roof financing through Financeit, a respected industry leader in home renovation financing.

Quick, Easy Approvals

Financeit's easy application and approval process can be completed in just a few minutes.

Flexible Structure

Choose the payment terms and length that fits your budget, all the way up to 180 months.

Safe & Secure

With an industry-leading reputation for financial security, your information is secure.

No Hidden Fees

There are no sneaky payment terms or hidden fees. Everything is 100% upfront and transparent.

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Our Process

No gimmicky sales tactics, no pressure-fueled pitches. We'll talk with you to understand your vision of what you want your home to look like, then we'll show you how we can help you get there.

Zero Pressure Consultation

No gimmicky sales tactics, no pressure-fueled pitches. We’ll talk with you to understand your vision of what you want your home to look like, then we’ll show you how we can help you get there. We will then provide a transparent, written quote that we stand behind.

Responsive Planning & Communication

We’re never more than a phone call or email away. Your new metal roof installation requires coordination and careful planning, and a roofing contractor who can adapt to your schedule. We’ll work around your needs and stay in touch for every step along the way.

Exceptional Quality Work

The best customer service begins with delivering the quality product that was promised. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the accuracy of our steel roofing installations. It takes expertise and experience to install your new metal roof perfectly.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We stand behind every roof we’ve ever installed in the same way we’ll stand behind yours. The job isn’t finished until you as the homeowner are 100% satisfied. If it’s not right, we’ll make it right, that’s our promise to every one of our customers.

Call us today for a zero-pressure consult.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as an established metal roofing contractor we carry standard liability insurance in accordance with Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) requirements. You can rest easy on that front!

Yes, we are very proud of the warranty we are able to offer. We offer a full, no limitations, one year warranty on labour and the Wakefield Bridge and Armadura steel roof shingles come with up to a 50 year transferrable warranty on the product themselves. It’s one of the primary reasons we’ve chosen these two products to specialize in!

The terms are often used interchangeably because steel roofing is a type of metal roofing. WeMetal focuses on the installation of steel roof shingles.

There are two primary benefits to steel roof shingles compared with other types of metal roofing. First, they are incredibly versatile and can handle undulations and valleys in a roof that other types of metal roofing do not handle well. Second, they replicate the look of traditional roof shingles, with added refinement, making them (in our opinion!) the finest looking roofing product on the market.

Yes! Metal roofing’s reflective properties help reduce cooling costs in the summer by as much as 25%!

Metal roofing lasts considerably longer than asphalt shingles. The metal roofing products supplied and installed by WeMetal come with up to 50 year warranty.

While the upfront cost of metal roofing installation tends to be higher, in the long run, metal roofing is significantly less expensive than asphalt shingles. Click here to view a cost calculator provided by Ideal Roofing showing how metal roofing products can save upwards of $40,000 over the 50 year lifespan of a metal roof.

Yes, metal roofing is significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional asphalt shingles. Traditional shingles are a petroleum product with a limited lifespan that require replacement every 15-20 years.  Traditional roofing shingles are also not recyclable, whereas metal roofing is partially made from recycled materials itself and is 100% recyclable at the end of its (long) lifespan.

Of course! A new metal roof isn’t just long lasting and energy efficient, it also looks great. Here is an excerpt from a note we received from one of our customers: “Kevin and his crew did an amazing job on our steel roof! We love how the espresso matches really well with the colours of our house. We’ve even had several neighbours ask us what exactly was on our roof since it shines and definitely sticks out a lot more than asphalt shingles. The clean install also fixed a drip edge issue we had prior with water. Pretty much good for life now and could not be happier with the outcome!”